I. Call to Order
Roll Call
II. Public Portion
1. Initial determination hearing of the Complaint filed with the Commission on December 18, 2019, pursuant to Regulation 2016-2(c). The Initial Determination proceedings shall be in executive session pursuant to Regulation 2016-2(c)(iv) and R.I. Gen. Laws 42-46-4, 42-46-5(a)(2), and 42-46-5(a)(4) (sessions or work sessions pertaining to litigation, and investigative proceedings regarding allegations of misconduct, either civil or criminal).
Enter into Executive Session
Exit Executive Session
Seal the minutes of the Executive Session
2. Discussion of Ethics Commission Policy 2020-1 (Initial Screening of Complaint).
3. Discussion of Ethics Commission Policy 2020-2 (Investigation of Complaints).
4. Discussion of Ethics Commission Policy 2020-3 (Ethics Hotline Process).
5. Introduction of Leonela Felix, Esq., Ethics Education Coordinator.