Commission on Minority and

              Women Business Development                                         

              Regular Meeting             


~ Meeting Minutes ~



Wednesday, December 18, 2013              5:30 PM              Conference Room (City Hall 3rd Floor)


PRESENT: Vice-Chairwoman Lisa Ranglin, Leroy Balona, Stan Cameron, Vicmary Fernandez, Colin Hanrahan and Michael Van Leesten – 6.

ABSENT: Channavay Chhay and Edward Santos – 2.

              Also present are Ernesto Figueroa, MBE/WBE Coordinator; Councilman Kevin Jackson; Anna M. Stetson, City Clerk and Sheri A. Petronio, Assistant Clerk.


1.  Call to Order.


2.  Review Commissioners Responsibilities, Commitment and     Participation.


3.  Discussion relative to requesting a meeting with Mayor Angel    Taveras.


4Development of bylaws for the Commission.


5.  Assessment of City of Providence procurement needs.


6.  Workshops, Seminars and Timing - Topics to be finalized by Commissioners: 

          a.  Benefits of becoming Certified MBE - Workshop 

          b.  Understand the Government Bidding Process - hands on      Workshop. 

          c.  One-on-One Consulting.


7Planning Network Event - Date to be determined.


8.  Program status update from the MBE/WBE Coordinator.


9.  Next meeting date - Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

Discussion was held relative to the foregoing matters and no votes were taken.


ADJOURNMENT: On motion of Mr. Cameron, Seconded by Mr. BBalona, it is voted to adjourn the meeting a 7:05 o’clock P.M.

              City Clerk

Assistant Clerk