Dylan Conley              BOARD OF LICENSES                                Jorge O. Elorza

Chairman & Secretary                                          Mayor





Charles Newton                        Wednesday

Vice Chair              DATE: November 25, 2020             

                            PLACE: Virtual Hearing

Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan              TIME: 12:30 PM

Peter Mancini              CLERK:

Sylvia Bernal              POLICE:

Louis DeSimone, Attorney to the Board              LAW DEPT:





Notice of Virtual Public Hearing for Providence Board of Licenses is hereby given. The Providence Board of Licenses will hold a virtual public hearing on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 12:30 PM. Officials, applicants and the public may remotely access the meeting on the Zoom platform using the following link: <https://providenceri-gov.zoom.us/j/94168833486>. The meeting id is: 941 6883 3486.  For participation using video and audio, a computer with webcam and microphone is required. Those without computer access may participate by telephone using the following number: dial 877-853-5257 (toll-free) or 888-475-7799 (toll-free) and use code 941 6883 3486 when prompted.  If you need assistance or accommodations, email licensing@providenceri.gov 48 hours in advance of this hearing. All owners of the land within 200 feet of these locations may file objections to the granting of these licenses. Remonstrance must be filed before the time of the Hearing. The following matter will before the Board at this hearing:


1. J Marcel dba J Marcel Holiday Space Market 808 Hope Street.  Entertainment DJ and Vendors. December 11 and 12, 2020 11AM to 6PM and December 13, 2020 11AM to 4PM


2. Fortnight Wine Bar LLC dba Fortnight 79 Dorrance Street.  Regarding liquor license renewal


3. Jason DeWitt, Orinda, CA.  Private Detective.


4. Raymond Ramos, Newington, CT.  Private Detective.


5. Pearl Jacobowitz, Providence, RI.  Private Detective.


6. Montana Jacobowitz, Providence, RI.  Private Detective.



7. Biscayne Entertainment Inc dba Wild Zebra 245 Allens Avenue to Lola's Rendezvous Inc dba Paris.  Transfer: Alcoholic Beverages Class N (Night Club).


8. Elizabeth Soto Diaz dba Alonzo Tires Shop 724 Elmwood Avenue. Motor Vehicle Repair, Second-Hand Store.


9. La Bosina Muffler Shop LLC dba La Bosina Muffler Shop 776 Broad Street.  Motor Vehicle Repair, Second-Hand Store.


10. M2 Spirits LLC dba Union Liquor 558 Admiral Street to M2 Spirits LLC dba Union Liquors.  Transfer License: Alcoholic Beverages Class A (Package Store)


11. Magaly Morel dba El Caribeno 226 Academy Avenue to El Caribeno Restaurant II LLC. Transfer License: Alcoholic Beverages Class BV (Full Liquor - Food)


12. Diego's Providence LLC dba Diego's East Side 190-192 Wayland Avenue.  Alcoholic Beverages Class BV (Full Liquor - Food)


13. 190-192 Wayland Ave PHFoods Inc dba BunFun 32 Spruce Street.  Alcoholic Beverages Class BV (Full Liquor Food)


14. Ourania Voulgari Inc dba Ourania Voulgari 11-15 Point Street.  Alcoholic Beverages Class BL (Beer-Wine-Food)



15. Broad Street Liquors Inc dba Broad Street Liquors 1032 Broad Street. 


16. Fernandez Liquors Inc dba Fernandez Liquors 332 Elmwood Avenue. 


17. M2 Spirits LLC dba Union Liquors 558 Admiral Street. 


18. A to Z Liquors LLC dba A to Z liquors 319 Douglas Avenue. 


19. Admiral Discount Liquors Store Inc dba Admiral Liquors 395 Admiral Street. 


20. Amrit Inc dba Esquire Liquors 824 Charles Street. 


21. College House LLC dba Spiritus Fermenti 220 Meeting Street. 


22. DGRR Corp dba Los Primos Liquors 219 Academy Avenue. 


23. DMR Enterprises Inc dba Nikki's Liquors 32 Branch Avenue. 


24. Fernandez Square Liquors Inc dba Fernandez Square Liquors 342 Broad Street. 


25. George Barbosa dba Barbosa Liquors 963 Narragansett Boulevard. 


26. Gill & Heer Inc dba Acme Liquors 1023 Chalkstone Avenue. 


27. HAVN Inc dba Campus Liquors 127 Brook Street. 


28. Lopes Liquors LLC dba Smith Hill Liquors 461-465 Smith Street. 


29. Martinez and German Liquors Inc dba Tropical Liquors 310 Cranston Street. 


30. Mega Liquors Inc dba Mega Liquors 961 Manton Avenue. 


31. New England Beverages Inc dba Tony's Liquors 121 Lubec Street. 


32. New Way Liquors Inc. dba New Way Liquors 598 Elmwood Avenue. 


33. Nocera's Liquor Store Inc. dba Nocera's Liquor Store 969 Smith Street. 


34. Reyes LLC dba Reyes Liquor 1187 Westminster Street. 


35. Shiv Ganesh Corp dba Downtown Liquors 306 Charles Street. 


36. Shivmay LLC dba East Side Wine & Spirits 632 Hope Street. 


37. Shree Jalaram Inc dba Sunny's Liquors 35 Plainfield Street. 


38. Standard Liquors Inc dba Standard Liquors 829 Eddy Street. 


39. Tanning Liquors Inc dba Al's Liquors 695 Atwells Avenue. 


40. Uncle Ben Liquor Inc dba Uncle Ben Liquor 940 Douglas Avenue. 



41. Cafe Four Twelve Inc dba Yoo Sushi 412 Douglas Avenue. 


42. EAD Entertainment, LLC dba Muse Paintbar 117 North Main Street. 


43. Easy Entertaining Inc dba Easy Entertaining 166 Valley Street. 


44. G & R Daou Inc dba L'Artisan Cafe & Bakery 9 Wayland Square. 


45. Games on the Hill LLC dba Good Game Grill 53 Weybosset Street. 


46. H & H Pizza Inc dba Minerva's Pizza 20 South Angell Street. 


47. Honduras Restaurant LLC dba Honduras Restaurant 175 Manton Avenue. 


48. John Gianfrancesco dba Louie's Restaurant 286 Brook Street. 


49. Karaoke Box LLC dba The Boombox 122 Fountain Street with 2AM Close


50. Kosseifi Inc dba Vasilio's Pizza 579 Atwells Avenue. 


51. La Roca LLC dba La Roca Restaurant 1150 Elmwood Avenue. 


52. Machupicchu Restaurant LLC dba Machupichu I 651 Admiral Street. 


53. Mi Ranchito Inc dba Mi Ranchito 1516 Westminster Street. 


54. Salted Slate dba Providence Wine Bar 485 Angell Street. 


55. Sora Investments DBA Den Den Cafe Asiana 161 Benefit Street. 


56. Tommy's Pizza Inc dba Tommy's Pizza 936 Chalkstone Aveune. 


57. Trinity Rep Pell Chafee Performance Center 87 Empire Street. 


58. Umelt Weybossest Inc dba Umelt 129 Weybosset Street. 


59. Yan's Cuisine of Providence Inc dba Yan's Cuisine 83 Benevolent Street. 



60. Exchange St. Hotel LLC dba Homewood Suites by Hilton 5 Exchange Street. 



61. Crestline Hotels & Resorts LLC dba Courtyard Providence Downtown 32 Exchange Terrace. 



62. HABC LLC dba North 122 Fountain Street. 


63. Providence Coal Fired Pizza LLC dba Providence Coal Fire Pizza 385 Westminster Street. 


64. ROM Deli Inc dba Murphy's 100 Fountain Street. 


65. The Grande LLC dba Rock & Rye 224 Atwells Avenue. 


66. USB LLC dba Union Station Brewery 36 Exchange Terrace. 


67. Watusi Inc dba Rancho EZ 580 Cranston Street. 


68. 50 Weybosset Holdings LLC dba Circe 50 Weybosset Street. 


69. 62 Orange Street Inc dba Congress Tavern 62 Orange. 


70. Afterdark Lounge LLC dba Dusk 301 Harris Avenue. 


71. Atwells Group Inc dba Providence Oyster Bar 283 Atwells Avenue. 


72. Capriccio's Inc dba Caproccio 2 Pine Street. 


73. Chacho LLC dba AJ's Sports Bar & Grill 286 Academy Avenue. 


74. Changarro Restaurant LLC dba Crystal Lounge 519 Hartford Avenue. 


75. CLS Inc dba Salvatore's Cafe 271 Atwells Avenue. 


76. Den Den Hospitality Group LLC dba Den Den Korean Fried Chicken 182 Angell Street. 


77. DVM Foods Inc dba Sakis Pizza 199 Weybosset Street. 


78. DWE JV Inc dba Nick's on Broadway 500 Broadway. 


79. Gracie's Venture Inc dba Gracie's 194 Washington Street. 


80. Ivan Inc dba Federal Tap House & Kitchen 276 Atwells Avenue. 


81. Jacky's Galaxie Providence Inc dba Jacky's Waterplace Restaurant 200 Exchange Street. 


82. JMA Inc dba Primecut Restaurant Mezzo Lounge 393 Charles Street. 


83. King Restaurant Inc. dba Bacaro Restaurant 262 South Water Street. 


84. Ladder 133 LLC dba Ladder 133 133 Douglas Avenue. 


85. Lovera VIP Inc dba Lovera VIP 1266 Broad Street. 


86. Mikmason Inc dba Danny's Place 176 Douglas Avenue. 


87. Providence Burger Bar LLC dba Providence Burger Bar 161 Douglas Avenue.  Name changed from Providence Humidor LLC dba Providence Humidor to Providence Burger LLC dba Providence Burger


88. Providence Byblos LLC dba Providence Byblos 235 Meeting Street. 


89. SAC Corp dba Costantino's 265 Atwells Avenue. 


90. Snookers Inc dba Snooker's 53 Ashburton Street. 


91. Sport's Tap Inc dba Sport's Tap 415 Harris Avenue. 


92. Wild Colonial Corp dba Wild Colonial Tavern 250 S Water Street. 


93. THPP Inc dba Tammany Hall Pub 409 Atwells Avenue. 


94. Truth VIP Lounge LLC dba Truth VIP Lounge 162 O'Connell Street. 


95. Via Roma Inc dba Via Roma 308 Atwells Avenue. 


96. Zale Hospitality Inc dba Tortilla Flats 355 Hope Street. 



97. 3 Guys LLC dba 148 148 Pavilion Avenue. 


98. 468 Wickenden St LLC dba Marvin 468 Wickenden St. 


99. Crisp LLC dba Barnaby's 385 Westminster Street. 


100. HABC LLC dba Big King 3 Luongo Square. 


101. JPH Holdings Inc dba Elmhurst Pub 670 Smith Street. 


102. Punta Cana Investments LLC dba Punta Cana 500 Broad Street. 


103. Ran Zan Inc dba Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant 1084 Hope Street. 


104. Taste of India Inc dba Taste of India 230 Wickenden Street. 


105. West Side Diner Inc dba West Side Diner 1380 Westminster Street. 


106. 4 Seasons Restaurant Inc dba 4 Seasons Restaurant 361 Reservoir Avenue. 


107. A to Z Hospitality LLC dba Palo 3 Steeple Street. 


108. A.N.I. LLC dba FHP Pizza 1039 Chalkstone Avenue. 


109. Anthony's Italian Restaurant LLC dba Anthony's Italian Restaurant 441 Atwells Avenue. 


110. BC Providence LLC dba by Chloe 223 Thayer Street. 


111. CAV Inc dba CAV 14 Imperial Place. 


112. East End LLC dba East End 244 Wickenden Street. 


113. Figidini Wood Fire Eatery LLC dba Figidini Wood Fire Eatery 67 Washington Street. 


114. Flatbread Providence Inc dba Flatbread Company 161 Cushing Street. 


115. Gracie's Venture Inc dba Ellie's 225 Weybosset Street. 


116. Haruki East Ltd dba Haruki 172 Wayland Avenue. 


117. Hewtin's Limited dba Chez Pascal 960 Hope Street. 


118. JRB LLC dba Julians 318 Broadway. 


119. Los Andes LLC dba Los Andes Restaurant 903 Chalkstone Avenue. 


120. Machupicchu Restaurant LLC dba Machupicchu II 1366 Chalkstone Avenue. 


121. Magaly Morel dba El Caribeno Restaurant 226 Academy Avenue. 


122. McBride's Pub LLC dba McBride's Pub 161 Wayland Avenue. 


123. Meast LLC dba Capri 58 DePasquale Avenue. 


124. Nadirov Inc dba The River Social 200 Exchange Street.


125. Pearl Street Cafe and Pub LLC dba Pearl Street Cafe and Pub 78 Pearl Street. 


126. Persimmon Restaurant LLC dba Persimmon 99 Hope Street. 


127. PizzaJ LLC dba Pizza J 967 Westminster Street. 


128. Roma LLC dba Roma 310 Atwells Avenue. 


129. Sura 153 LLC dba Sura 232 Westminster Street. 


130. Tricycle Ice Cream LLC dba Tricycle Ice Cream 70 Battey Street. 


131. West Fountain LLC dba Slow Rhode 425 West Fountain Street. 


132. Wordless Communications LLC dba Berri 187 Matthewson Street. 


133. YLD Management Inc dba Jade Tree Asian Bistro 220 Atwells Avenue. 



134. Joseph A. Gemma dba Gemma's Bar 83 Ethan Street. 


135. Riffraff LLC dba Riffraff 60 Valley Street. 


136. The Dying Days of Dionysus Inc dba The Dying Days of Dionysus 245 South Main Street. 



137. Brown University Faculty Graduate Student Club 90 Thayer Street.


138. Teramano Social Club 293 Amherst Street. 


139. Brown University Faculty Club 1 Bannister Street. 


140. Holy Rosary Band Society 157 Gano Street. 


141. Johnson & Wales University dba Johnson & Wales University Club 207 Pine Street. 


142. Wanskuck Post #56, American Legion 287 Veazie Street. 


143. Young Italian Imperial Club 459 Broadway. 




144. CVS Pharmacy Inc dba CVS Pharmacy #1294 481 Angell Street. 


145. CVS Pharmacy dba CVS Pharmacy #994 131 Webster Avenue. 


146. CVS Pharmacy Inc dba CVS Pharmacy #856 400 Admiral Street. 


147. CVS Pharmacy Inc dba CVS Pharmacy #2293 2 Dudley Street. 


148. CVS Pharmacy Inc dba CVS Pharmacy #2417 935 Manton Avenue. 


149. CVS Pharmacy Inc dba CVS Pharmacy #4796 960 Broad Street. 


150. CVS Pharmacy Inc dba CVS Pharmacy #729 799 Hope Street. 


151. CVS Pharmacy Inc dba CVS Pharmacy #2049 39 Providence Place. 



152. LouLu LLC dba The Strand Ballroom & Theatre 79 Washington Street. 


153. Atwells Realty Corp dba Desire/Lust 1 Franklin Square. 


154. Gulliver's Tavern Inc dba Foxy Lady 318 Chalkstone Avenue. 


155. ICON Corp dba Colosseum 180 Pine Street. 


156. Luna Nightclub Inc dba Venus Night Club 1204 Broad Street. 


157. Salon Bar LLC dba The Salon 57 Eddy Street. 



158. The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants Inc dba The Cheesecake Factory 1 Providence Place Mall. 


159. Cafe Nuovo Inc dba Cafe Nuovo 1 Citizens Plaza. 


160. Tool Time Inc dba Nick-A-Nee's 75 South Street. 



161. Trinity Repertory Company dbaTrinity Personna Company 201 Washington Street. 


              FOR SURRENDER

162. Bravo LLC dba Bravo 202 Washington Street 1st and 2nd Floor. 



163. Cesar A. Morales dba El Chapin Restaurant #2 271 Plainfield Street.  Regarding incident of November 16, 2020